Our Horses

We have 8 wonderful horses
We have great horses for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. If you want to go slow or fast, we have the horse for that!
(that's me on 7 of the horses at the SAME time!)
Ginger (TWH)

Comanche (Retired Paint mix)

Momma Mae (Rocky Mt)
Geronimae (Rocky Mt/Mustang)

Thunder (Rocky Mt Mustang)

Horse Camp is always FUN!

Time for the Blacksmith - Jose Victorino, an excellent Farrier!

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Copper (Missouri Foxtrotter)

Sequoia (Mustang)

Cherokee (Appaloosa)

Trixie (TWH)

Rio (Missouri Foxtrotter-yearling)

Cisco (Retired TWH)

Luna Blanca 2002-2013 RIP